The large for-profit dialysis companies like DaVita and Fresenius don’t actually compete – just stake out their areas, like a utility.  So oversight is needed for a vulnerable population!  According to reliable sources, the oversight provided by the national ESRD networks has been less than stellar. 


One source of information about the national ESRD networks was provided by Dr. Kenneth Bays, a patient rep on one of the networks. He actually wanted to help improve things and didn’t want to be there to protect the poor abused clinics from the patients! So he got tired of being stymied and he quit. He then provided testimony at the US Senate in 2000 and helped found the organization DialysisEthics. This is an area of medicine where choice is severely lacking for a vulnerable population – people didn’t choose to get sick and there is little to no choice when it comes to doctors and clinics, you get what you get. You can see the results on the Home page.


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