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This site has been revived after many a year (this is being written in April of 2023).  It still has much of the history of kidney dialysis, but things like a couple of blogs have been added: BillionaireRedemption Blog and BillionRedemptionOrNot Blog (maybe combined in the future).  For dialysis patients with current problems, concerns, or questions it is recommended the good people at Dialysis Advocates be contacted:


For other concerns and questions, DialysisEthics can now be contacted:


And on x (twitter):


#RaidingTheSupplyTrainToDialysis (a bonus: for those dealing with diabetes)
(for one diabetic's journey and who she listens to anymore see:


And has joined forces with M.I. Mother's Keeper from Washington D.C.
x (twitter):  @mimotherskeeper 


And NYT's best-selling author Tom Mueller and his book 'How to Make a Killing' can be seen on x (twitter) at: