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This page is dedicated to those who we remember so fondly.


Martin Spear - Darlene M. Caban 8/29/2002 Martin passed away on the hospital on Tuesday, after being hospitalized for several weeks. He was getting hit with one infection after another, had respiratory trouble, and found it impossible to restrict his fluids... dialysis truly was a trial for him. Rest In Peace.


Harold Broderick - Darlene M. Caban 8/14/2002 Harold passed away after a short hospital stay in July. He was a pleasant guy who always had a smile on his face. Rest in Peace.


Carmen Santiago - Darlene M. Caban 8/14/2002 Carmen passed away after being discharged from the hospital. She had had great difficulty with adapting to the fluid and diet restrictions, and had heart trouble. Rest in Peace.


John Autry - Jeanine Vieyra 7/30/2002 My father, John Autry, passed away on June 15, 2002. He was a wonderful father not only to my brother and I, but to many of our friends. He was an retired LA County Sheriff and spent his adult life helping



Martin William Sees - Richard Goodenbour : Martin William Sees, 70 Mr. Sees retired from truck driving in 1999


Francis "Bobby" Couture (7/02/02) - Darlene M. Caban 7/07/2002 Bobby Couture (His real name was Francis, but he hated it!) passed away on July 2, four days before his birthday. He was on the morning shift at my dialysis unit, and my shift would talk to him as he waited for the van to bring him home. Bobby had many complications from diabetes, and had recently had his left leg amputated. Rest in peace.


WALLACE G. ROSS - Richard Goodenbour April 14, 1923-June 25, 2002


Ken MacDonald - Darlene M. Caban Ken passed away on June 16th. Ken was from a different shift, but was coming to our shift for an extra treatment a week. I didn't know Ken very well, but he seemed to be a pleasant, upbeat person. Rest in peace.


Joe Courchesne - Darlene M. Caban 6/24/2002 Joe passed away on June 19. He fought a constant battle with fluids and diabetes-related problems. Rest in peace.


Lillian V. Humphrey - Richard Goodenbour 6/11/2002 Nov. 26, 1923-June 7, 2002

TIPTON -- Lillian Virginia Humphrey, 78, of Valleyview Nursing Home in Elkhart, formerly of Tipton, died at 6 p.m. Friday (June 7, 2002) at the nursing home. She was a kidney dialysis patient for the past 111Ú2 years.


PAUL W. BAINBRIDGE - Richard Goodenbour 6/07/2002 Paul W. Bainbridge, 92, of 64887 Orchard Drive, died at 6:10 p.m. Wednesday (June 5, 2002) at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in South Bend.


Frances Bell 5-06-02 - Scott Bell 6/06/2002 I miss you mother. I know you are in a better place now.

You suffered so much over the past several years and I

just never knew what to do to make you feel better. I

wish I could have been there more for you. I know that

holidays won't be the same without you. Rest in peace

my sweet mother.


Memorial for Joseph T. Matteo - Joseph T. Matteo 10-6-37 to 05-13-02 Joseph Matteo was loved by his wife, three children, and four grandchildren. He enjoyed his life had hundreds of friends. He will be missed by all !!!


F. Warren Tremblay - Darlene M. Caban 5/24/2002 Warren passed away in the hospital yesterday morning. He'd been in for a leg bypass due to poor circulation.

Warren was always laughing and joking around with the other patients. His good humor will be missed. Rest in Peace, and save us good seats Up There! :)



Edna B. Stacy - Richard Goodenbour 5/17/2002 (0) Aug. 9, 1927-May 16, 2002

ELKHART -- Edna Bernice Stacy, 74, formerly of 17686 S.R. 4 in Goshen, died at 4:15 p.m. Thursday (May 16, 2002) at Rosewood Terrace

Mrs. Stacy was born in Goshen to Jess D. and Elizabeth (Speicher) Metzger on Aug. 9, 1927. She married Thomas Stacy on July 8, 1971, in Hamblen County, Tenn., and he died in May 1972.


She is survived by a son, Jesse S. Yoder of Goshen; two sisters, Mrs. Russell (Barbara) Harris of Granger and Mrs. Rocco (Mary) Barbaro of Goshen; and two brothers, Raymond Metzger of Elkhart and Jess E. Metzger of Syracuse. One brother, Richard Metzger, is deceased.


Mrs. Stacy worked for Abitibi Products for 22 years, retiring as a quality control inspector in 1992.



Lori A. SMiley - Richard Goodenbour 5/15/2002 ELKHART -- Friends of Lori Ann Smiley may call for one hour before the service held at 1 p.m. Friday at Church Without Walls. The Rev. Winnie Williams with God's Holy Temple for All Nations will officiate and burial will follow at Prairie Street Cemetery.

Billings Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


Mrs. Smiley, 41, of 740 Prairie St., died in her home Sunday (May 12, 2002) after an extended illness.


She was born in Elkhart to George and Rosie Mae (Hills) Williams Jr. on Feb. 24, 1961, and married John Smiley in Goshen on Dec. 7, 1989.


She is survived by her husband; two sons, Demirus Williams and Elgin Smiley, both of Elkhart; three brothers, Bernell Williams of Los Angeles, Calif., Willie F. Williams of Chicago, Ill., and Don D. Williams of Elkhart; and five sisters, Rosie Mathis, Barbara G. Williams, Josephine Salls and Leenetric Brown, all of Elkhart, and Rosetta Cummins of Fort Wayne. A brother, Roosevelt Williams, is deceased.


Mrs. Smiley graduated in 1979 from Memorial High School, received a certificate from the Elkhart Institute of Technology as a laboratory technician, then attended Southwestern Michigan College for nursing. She was a homemaker and enjoyed drawing.


Max Lesniak - Darlene M. Caban 4/02/2002 Max passed away in the hospital this morning, after complications from a fall last month. He was a former baseball coach who had a local park named after himself. Max had numerous health problems but still put up a good fight... rest in peace.


Memorial for Lois, wife of John - Shiftworker 3/23/2002 8/14/41-3/23/02

We all take sorrow in the passing of Lois, wife of John, from our company and know that her future will be free of the pains and sorrows that have recently been a feature of her life. We honor her contribution to our lives and her presence in the world. It is always hard when good people leave us.



Memorial for Jimmy A. Kennedy - Jacquelynn Hall 2/26/2002 In memory of my father, Jimmy A. Kennedy, who was so close to getting a transplant from his son but lost the battle on January 31, 2002. I will never forget. May you rest in peace.


Hryhory “George” Kaczur - Richard Goodenbour 2/18/2002 Hryhory Kaczur

Oct. 15, 1921-Feb. 15, 2002

Hryhory “George” Kaczur, 80. He was born Oct. 15, 1921, in the Ukraine. He married Desanka Kaczur on Oct. 27, 1951, in Chicago.

He moved to Chicago from Germany in 1951, and from Chicago to Goshen in 1969.

He was a retired machine mechanic.


Barbara Giguere - Barbara Gugire 2/10/2002 Darlene M. Caban on January 08, 192002 at 21:52:12:


Barbara was a former patient at my unit, transferring to another unit about five months ago.

She struggled with the dietary and fluid restrictions, and today lost her battle. Rest in




Re: Good bye, Dave Thomas - Shiftworker 1/08/2002 I'm gonna miss his face. He seemed to always be my favorite Uncle. Think I'll just have to go have a "Wendy's" in his honor. It sure won't be the same without his kind image inviting me in to "his place".



Memorial for Mary Billings - December 2001 12/31/2001 You will be missed Mrs. Mary

Another Southern Gambro death.


Jerry Moreau - Darlene M. Caban 12/24/2001 Jerry passed away in the hospital on Sunday after spending 3 weeks in Intensive Care.

I had dialyzed with Jerry when I was on night shift a few years ago. He and his wife Rita always chatted with the other patients and nurses. We'll miss them.


Alton Grant - Darlene M. Caban 11/18/2001 Alton was a rather combative patient at times, but at other times he could be full of good humor. He had been a Master Sargeant with the Air Force and had also worked at car dealerships before his illness. Rest in Peace.


Mary Bonales - Darlene M. Caban 11/01/2001 Mary passed away on October 31st from complications after a kidney transplant. She was a former nurse and had been a patient at our unit for about three years. She had recently lost quite a bit of her vision and was still having eye surgery done. Mary was a quiet person, but liked to talk once you got her started. I feel badly that she went through the transplant only to have the kidney fail... but she knew the risks and decided to try.


Cary, my best friend from dialysis. He showed me hope. - jill 10/20/2001 I will always hold in my heart a very special place for a man, a few years my junior, who offered so much of himself and of his life's experinces. He guided me from day one while I began to learn just what dialysis involved. Most important, he probably saved my life by alerting me to the problems with the care provided by the techs, nurses and Nephrologists. I have taken his advise and knowledge and continued over the years to be a better, more aware self-caregiver. I miss him terribly but know that he was comfortable and ready to "go". He suffered long enough and I beleive he felt that he had lived his 20-some years the best and most generous way that he could. Never selfish, never a complainer, always the one to look out for others. I keep in touch with his mother and we share a unique understanding of his goodness and impact on so many lives. I sit looking at his picture now, and smile that I was so fortunate to have had him in my life, no matter how brief it was. His inspiration and wisdom will be with me forever. God bless you, my friend.





Armand Boucher - Darlene M. Caban 10/02/2001 Armand died last Friday of a heart attack while driving. He hit several parked cars, but did not injure anyone.

Armand was a first-shift patient. I used to see him and his wife in the waiting room while I waited for my shift. He and his wife had many colorful discussions in the waiting room, but you could tell they cared for each other.


Rest in peace.



Margaret "Peg" Bower - Darlene M. Caban 10/02/2001 Margaret passed away on Wednesday of last week, after surgery to repair a broken hip. She had regained the ability to walk after a stroke a few years ago, but never completely regained her voice. She was a pleasant patient who always had a smile for everyone in the unit. Rest in peace, Peg... you've earned it.



William Hose - Hawaii - Lisa 9/24/2001 This post is in memory of William... He was a friend of mine and I also took care of him.... I always enjoyed him when he joked and laughed while on treatment... God bless him....



For Brent Smith... - Shiftworker 9/23/2001 Even though I disagreed with Brent at times, I will miss his pugnacious posts and his humor. No matter how unfortunate, causes always produce martyrs. Brent is one of our mayrtys and the hard thing about that is that they usually die before the fight is finished. I like to think that Brent's legacy will live on in each of us and that we will fight a little harder, risk a little more of ourselves, and become noisier!

I will miss his contributions and I will miss his willingness to risk life and limb in this crusade.

Thanks, Brent, and God speed.....!



Re: For Brent Smith... - My Friend Brent 1/21/2002 It has taken me quite awhile to write this Memorial.

Brent was always calling on the phone and always asking what he could do to help me. Never once did he complain about anything. He was ready to fight and knew the fight he would most likely lose. Every patient should thank Mr Brent Smith for his courage at the Senate Hearings for all.

I am proud to of called him my friend and miss his phone calls that put this fight into prospective.

Brent,you are up there helping us and guiding us. You will never be forgotten.




Memorial for Thaddeus Baxter - August 27, 2001 8/29/2001 Such a young man to be snacthed away by dialysis. How many more lives before dialysis industry accountability? This board has 7 patients memorials from one rural Southern Gambro clinic alone. And all 7 patients were from this same Gambro clinic. You all's live will not be in vain because accountability will come.



George Shattuck - Darlene M. Caban 8/29/2001 George Shattuck passed away on Monday. He was a decorated veteran and a former telephone company manager. He also was blind and a double amputee, and had difficult dialysis treatments. Rest in peace.



Memorial for Thomas J. Keough - Rev. Joseph F. Keough 8/29/2001 For over six months now you have been gone, the treatments, the pain, the suffering are gone and you are at peace--in the arms of your loving savior.

For over six months now we have cried for you, laughed at your old jokes and "funnies" and remembered the many things you did for us. But mostly we miss you, dad.


Years ago there was a popular song that reminded me of you the first time I heard it. I remember you didn't exactly like it but I heard it on the radio yesterday and it prompted me to write this.


The song said, "...papa I don't think I said I love you quite enough. The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old; but his blood runs through my instruments and his song is in my soul. My life has been a poor attempt, to imitate this man, I'm just a living legacy to the leader of the band."


I tried to imitate you in so many ways, and I'm sure I never said I love you quite enough but your song is definitely in my soul and in the soul of the family.


Manny and I went fishing last week. It was good but not the same. It was the first time in my life that I went fishing without you. It wasn't quite the same. For starters, we actually caught fish! But your lighthouse song, the Irish Rover, the song about the sailors skipping at the top while the landlubbers lie down below, the song about MaryAnn, the poor old man and all your other songs and all the "la la las". I missed the jokes and the stories and the discussions about everyone else. I missed the oranges in side out and the grinders and cans of soda and your smuggled on whiskey.

I missed the time spent with you. I miss you. We all miss you.


I know you are in heaven and singing up a storm--probably remembering all the words now. But I still miss you and cry for you and love you very much.


I can never be you, but I will do my best to imitate you and remember you the way you remembered your father. I love you, my father, Thomas J. Keough, daddy.



Re: Memorial for Thomas J. Keough - Rev. Joseph F. Keough 3/04/2002 Last Friday was your birthday, and I went to see your grave. I played some Irsih music for you and tried to sing the words. I must admit some lalalala's crept in.

I know your really gone now and we need you even more. I cried at the grave but more for me than you I think. I cried because your gone and the family has fallen apart. Lawyers and legal actions have taken the place of your love and direction and nothing will ever work out now.


Judy and Shawn are hurting, please take care of the baby for them.


We all miss you and we miss each other too. If you can be, my prayer is that you are at peace.



Re: Memorial for Thomas J. Keough - Mary Ellen Keough-Muyano 12/06/2001 Dad,

Joe missed you this summer and so did I. Maine was so bitterly sweet. I'm sure you loved watching Tim ride the waves but I would have loved it if you were there to show him how.


Thanksgiving was a bust, the first time the family didn't spend it together in years and Christmas has already become an issue. I thought we'd survive everything as a family. I never realized you were the glue that held us all together.


We're coming apart fast down here Dad. Please pray for us and guide us through these difficult times. I cry for you so often and Timmy misses you so much. I wish you were here for my boys, for me, for all of us.


Please help us Dad. We miss you so much and time sure isn't making it any easier. I'm so glad that you are not suffering like you were last Christmas but now we are, Dad.


As Joe said, I'm sure I didn't say I love you often enough.


So,Dad, I hope you can hear what's in my heart - I LOVE YOU, I always loved you even during those 'convent' years. Dad, please help us.


Your loving daughter,

Mary Ellen



Memorial for Shelly Walker - August 17, 2001 8/18/2001 Mrs. Shelly I will miss you!!! I love you, you are at rest and in a land of no pain. Sleep on Mrs. Walker unitl he comes for you and I'll see you again some day in the land of Glory. Mrs. Walker is the daughter of Mr. Robert Grant who passed in April. Both were on dialysis.



Anthony "Tony" Marszalek - Darlene M. Caban 8/13/2001 Anthony died on Sunday, August 12, 2001. He was a patient at our unit for about five months, and had recently regained the ability to travel to and from dialysis in his wheelchair instead of a gurney. He was always smiling, and his wife Frances was very pleasant and always talked to everyone in the unit. I thought he was doing well, but I guess there were things going on that weren't outwardly apparent.



In Loving Memory : Mr. Larry Williams..True Friend - Cyndia D. 8/02/2001 There are fighters and there are fighters...Larry was truely a fighter...well now he donot have to fight anymore ....his battle is over....I will truly miss him....



Alfred Manning - Darlene M. Caban 7/06/2001 Alfred "Fred" Manning passed away a few weeks ago. He was a double amputee, and was bedridden for the last few months of his life. I didn't know him personally, but his obit said that he had been a carpenter before he became ill. Rest in peace.


in loving memory of Thomas J. Keough - Matthew A. Keough 7/03/2001 In loving memory my father Thomas J. Keough. I hope that I may someday be like he was. God, I miss my father.



In Memory of Roberto Rodriguez - Barbara Rosario 6/30/2001 Roberto although you were only 38 years old and God decided it was time for you to join him in heaven, I want you to know you are missed so dearly. I was your fiance for 11 years and I only wish we were able to get married prior to God's calling. With you being on dialysis for the past 6 years you taught me alot of things about how important my health is and I have made a promise to you, that I will take care of my body and hopefully will not have to go through the pain and discomfort you had to go through on dialysis.

We love you always & Forever


Barbara, Raymond & Jasenia



Mona (Lawson) Glass & (her son) Charles F. Stegall - In Loving Memory of... 6/17/2001 Charles "Pete" F. Stegall (my uncle & Mona's son) died on 7-18-9?-6. He was on Hemo Dialysis sor a few years, then received a doner kidney. After a few years, he found-out the he had cancer. Three years and one month later his mom / my grandma died from kidney failure. Grandma had known for 30+ years that they were failing. She started on Pertoneal/(? spelling) only 2months before she died. Grandma was 79yrs. old, and ready to die--she told us she would be gone befor X-mas. I didn't want to except that was happening. I am fortunate to have been the one to help her care for herself, along with my husband and children. I am proud to be her granddaughter and to have given her the dialysis treatment. I have learned alot for Grandma, toooo much to list. She helped me to live (she raised me) and I helped her survive untill it was her time to die. "GRANDMA (& Uncle Pete) I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU!!!!!



"Grady " Mayo's Passing in Atlanta - J.W. 5/23/2001 Whitman Mayo best known as "Grady" passed . He was known from the television series Sanford and Son. He was a PD patient here in Atlanta.


Robert Grant 4-24-01 - In Memory of 4/24/2001 Rest in peace Mr. Grant, your in a better place, no more dialysis misery and suffering.



On death and dying - a Very grateful RN 4/10/2001 For all of the patients who have gone before, please know that I learned more of lifes lessons from you than you learned from me.I continue to have admiration for the strength and courage that your memory, evergreen in my heart and soul,rekindles. Your quiet persistence in the face of the adversity of your condition fuels my commitment to each and all of you,in memory and in life.You have impacted me in a way that you will never be forgotten.



Memorial for Mary Chloe Ganger - Richard Goodenbour 4/05/2001 Born 01/03/20

Died 04/01/01


Dr Peter Lundin - Donna 3/30/2001 Dr Peter Lundin Died last week at the age of 56 after some 35 years as an ESRD patient and some 27 years as a physician.

Dr Lundin was the first ESRD patient to make it as a physician.

He was one of the founders of the American Association of Kidney Patients.

He was also a great advocate for kidney patients and he will be missed.



Re: Dr Peter Lundin - Steve Fadem 5/05/2001 Those of us who had the fortune to know Pete, are very saddened by his death. He was a gifted nephrologist, who drew from his personal experiences as a dialysis patient to care for others, to teach and to contribute to bettering our profession.

He was one of the most kind and dear people I knew. His compassion and ability to care were beyond measure.


He will be missed.



Dorothy Rae Tolson 11/17/27 - 12/29/00 - A Nurse 3/19/2001 A salute to a patient who endured many unnecessary trials and hardships while dealing with ESRD. We will always remember you and your efforts as a patient advocate. A REAL TROOPER. You will be sorely missed by those who love you.



Ernie Carroll-- One sleepy guy! - Darlene M. Caban 3/13/2001 Yesterday (March 12) Ernie passed away in the hospital. Last week he had been in for a minor heart attack. He was taken out of our unit during treatment and brought to the hospital on Saturday.

Ernie was always sleeping-- the nurses used to have to pull him out of the chair after dialysis. The rest of us wondered if the sleepiness was from dialysis, but one of our other patients had worked with him in a shop and he said that Ernie used to fall asleep against the handle of the broom when he swept the floor! Ernie can sleep in now, finally.



Ethel Minney-- no more needles now! :) - Darlene M. Caban 3/03/2001 My friend Ethel Minney died on Thursday after four months of intense pain and suffering. She had inoperable abdominal cancer which made it impossible for her to eat. She had a failed graft and had an IJ just before she passed away. Through it all, she had a great sense of humor and was kind to all of the other patients. I think she sensed that she didn't have much time, but she didn't complain about it. I enjoyed helping her learn about dialysis. I know she is at last out there somewhere, pigging out on her favorite foods at a buffet! Enjoy your rest, Ethel-- you've certainly earned it!


Willie Maxie - A Friend 2/10/2001 Irrascable, dignified, kind, a gentle man, sure of his value, and a man's man whose death will leave a large hole in my life.

2-21-1936 - 2-2-2001


In loving Memory for Thomas J. Keough - 03/01/30--02/07/01 2/07/2001 Thomas J. Keough, beloved husband, Father, Grandfather and brother died Wednesday, February 07th at Coccomo

Memorial Health Care Center after a lengthly and courageous battle with cancer. He was the husband of Mary Anna

Lemke Keough, 210 Tumblebrook Road.

He was born in Hartford on March 1, 1930 to the late Thomas S. and Leah Gagnon Keough and was educated in local

schools. He graduated from the University of Hartford and served as a sergeant in the United States Army. He enjoyed a

career as a life insurance salesperson. In addition, he was owner/operator of Reliable Wholesalers, a wholesale bait

company and Keough & Associates, a distributor of lubricants and adhesives.


He was a member of the Elks Club and a communicant of St. Mary’s Church. Before his illness, he volunteered as a

Story Teller at the St. Mary School Library.


He is survived by two daughters, Mary Ellen Muyano of Meriden and Judy Daly of Norwich; three sons, Matt Keough of

Meriden, Reverend Joseph Keough, Parochial Vicar at St. John of the Cross in Middlebury and Tom Keough of Brooklyn,

NY; five grandchildren, Timmy and Brandon Muyano and Ryan and Caitlin Keough, all of Meriden and Janelle Daly of

Norwich. He is also survived by a sister, Josephine Vallera of Hartford, her children and grandchildren and by several



A Mass of Christian burial will be held at 11:00a.m. on Saturday at St. Mary Church. Interment will take place at St.

Boniface Cemetary at a later date. Friends and relatives may call at the John J. Ferry Funeral home from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.

on Friday.


In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the St. Mary School Library fund, c/o St. Mary School, 97 Grove Street,

Meriden, 06451 or to the American Cancer Society, Meriden Executive Park, 538 Preston Avenue, Meriden, CT



Re: In loving Memory for Thomas J. Keough - Mary Ellen Keough-Muyano 6/14/2001 Happy Father's Day Dad. Keep an eye on the boys, especially your new grandson Lliam Thomas.


Memorial for Ronald Price Elliott 10/06/37-08/10/00 - The Delaney Family 1/29/2001 We miss you dad. We think of you everyday and wish that you were here with us. Love Teri, John, Hayley, Kim, Dan and Sami.


Memorial for Ronald Price Elliott 10/06/37-08/10/00 - The Delaney Family 1/28/2001 We miss you dad very much. Everyday we think of you and wish you were here with us. Love, Teri, John, Kim, Dan and Sami.


Daddy - Om P. Gaur 1/28/2001 My Father, My Mentor, My philosopher, My Friend. I Love you & MISS YOU Papaji



Re: Daddy - Radha G. Pandey 8/27/2001 My beloved father, how courgeous you were,how wise. I am sorry and miss you always. I hope you are resting in peace. You fought lung cancer for 9 years, you have been gone for 16 months now, but there is not a day that I don't miss you. I Love You. You were, You are my mentor, my friend, my philsopher, my Father... Love You. Miss You Always.........Rest In Peace.


Memorial for T. Norman - Cliffsw 12/29/2000 Mrs. Norman passed Christmas Eve. She was quite young

and left us too early. She was very sick with ESRD and other illnesses. Despite her illness she was a very

positive influence to her peers as well as the staff of our unit. She always knitted to pass her time on the

machine. She was friendly and patient even when going through the worst of circumstances with her health. She will be missed greatly. Please remember her family with your thoughts and prayers.


Rose Doherty - Darlene M. Caban 12/13/2000 Another patient from our unit, Rose Doherty, died in the hospital on Monday. Rose had only been at our unit for a few months, but she was always smiling and willing to talk to anyone. As with all of our deceased fellow patients, I am glad that she is finally at peace.



Memorial for D. Payton - Cliffsw 12/13/2000 Mrs. Payton passed yesterday. She will be greatly missed by the staff, patients, and most importantly her family. Without a doubt she was one of the most kind, patient, and giving persons I have ever met. More often than not when I would go to counsel with her, she would end up teaching and counseling me. We were all blessed by her presence and loving




Memorial - Steve Teutsch - Staff nurse 11/30/2000 Missing you alot, your warm smile, good sense of humor and non-complaining acceptance of your fate, even when your foot hurt so much. I remember you every time I see the painting you did in the hallway-our link to you and the nature you portrayed so well. I believe you are resting in a better place now. Thank you for making our dialysis center a better place for your presence.


Mary R. - USMC Doc 11/27/2000 Passed yesterday morning after battling ESRD for 2.5 years and Cancer. Now in heaven you can finally drink all you want and not have to worry about the cramps.

We'll miss you Mary.



Alice Cote - Darlene M. Caban 11/23/2000 Alice was a patient in my unit. She had congestive heart failure besides being on dialysis. About two months ago she was in the hospital and when she came out, she seemed very frail and disoriented. Because of the 'confidentiality' b.s. at the unit, I don't know if she died from heart complications or from something at the hospital. But she was a very friendly, intelligent, nice woman who will be greatly missed. I am happy that she is at last healthy and free of pain.


Rhonda - Memorial for a good heart 11/23/2000 I enjoyed your company- your warm smile, the way

you talked about your family, the way you were going to write your book. You cared deeply about

everyone and had a big heart. I miss you very much and I cannot believe you are gone.


For John Powers NJ - Donna 11/08/2000 I miss you--it's been almost 5 years since I last saw you and talked to you. You're always in my thoughts and prayers. I remember you talking about getting a transplant and what you were going to do after you got one. Remember you told me we were going to go out and get a beer and a pizza? I still remember talking to you about your cat, you really loved it and how I used to tease you about it and we'd laugh.

I know you're always there still with me and I want you to know I miss and love you.


She was 72 years - Patsy Dorward Zwanziger 10/27/2000 She had a tremendous sense of humor,Workaholic whose friends embraced all walks of life.

You will be missed and know you are in a better place.

Patsy"s family


10-2000 (You will be missed) - Sonja 10/24/2000 Ms. Maudie we will miss you and your humor that you so joyfully brought to the unit. The unit and company will forget and replace you at the drop of a dollar bill. But as patients were all part of an extended family we will all remember you, rest in peace your whole again and in a better place.


In memory of Pheobe - Hawaii 10/21/2000 Pheobe Ewaliko passed on this month and will be greatly missed. God bless her and the family..


Miss Lily - worker 10/10/2000 We will miss you Miss Lilly, never a gentler or kinder soul. For eleven years we were friends through dialysis. I never heard a unkind word out of you. You always left with a thank you for all we had done for you and now your daughters brought us each a single long stem red rose from you to say Thank you one more time. I will miss you God Speed.


In memory of Karen Hull 1953-2000 - Joyce Biearman 10/06/2000 In loving memory of Karen Hull - an outstanding woman, wife, mother, daughter and volunteer. Gave countless hours to the National Kidney Foundation of Western Pennsylvania; chaired our Patient Services Committee, conducted support groups and gave tirelessly to all who needed her.


Re: In memory of Karen Hull 1953-2000 - Chris 7/14/2001 I wish to give you my condolances on the crossing over of Karen, this cought my eye, cuz i'm related to people in the Hull family(Lousiana).i have been on dialysis for 13 years and cant believe how little care there is from the techs and RN's, doctors dont listen much, GOD BLESS YOU .


In Memory of Tom 8-29-00 - Tom (Marvin) George 9/05/2000 A memorial to my friend Tom George. I know your suffering has ended, but I will miss your smile and laugh. May you rest in peace.


In Memory of....... - Hawaii 8/24/2000 (0) S.Kala






And all other patients that I have not mentioned rest in peace. All of these individuals were my friends and I cared for them. I miss you all deeply.......


Memorial for my beloved husband - Gloria Loeschnigg 8/24/2000 Franz G. Loeschnigg...1941-1999


Re: Memorial for my beloved husband - Bruce Stein 5/14/2002 Memorial for my beloved husband posted by Gloria Loeschnigg on August 24, 192000 at 14:01:51:

Message: and a beloved father, who didn't have to be...



Erma Bombeck - A Fan 8/02/2000 Erma died from complications after a transplant.

Here are some wise words.



by Erma Bombeck


I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching

television and more while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later. Now go get washed up for dinner." There would have been more "I love you's." More "I'm sorry's"...But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute...look at it and really see it ... live it...and never give it back.

Stop sweating the small stuff. Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing what. Instead, let's cherish the relationships wehave with those who DO love us. Let's think about what God HAS

blessed us with. And what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually. Life is too short to let it pass you by.

We only have one shot at this and then it's gone. I hope you all have a blessed day.



Re: Erma Bombeck - Our Favorite Erma Bombeck Story 8/03/2000 Actually I didn't read Erma's column all the time. But one day, I happened to do so, and read the following story which became a family tradition with us. I don't know the exact words, but this is close... I think it might of been called "Socks". It's about all those socks we never can find. You know, the ones the dryer sucks up, or wherever they go, but they just seem to disappear? Well, Erma said we could always give the explanation that they went to live with Jesus! Thank you Erma for that wonderful story. Something tells me when we get to Heaven we're gonna see a lot of socks that we haven't seen in years!


In memory: Miss Dallas AdaLeah Crawford 7/29/92 to 5/24/94 A CHILD LOANED - Myra Barrett, Cody and Grady 7/29/2000 A CHILD LOANED

"I'll lend to you for a little time

A child of mine," He said,

"For you to love the while she lives

And mourn for when she's dead.

It may be six or seven years

Or twenty-two or three,

But will you, till I call her back,

Take care of her for me?"

"She'll bring her charms to gladden you,

And should her stay be brief,

You'll have her lovely memories

As solace for your grief.


I cannot promise she will stay,

Since all from earth return,

But there are lessons taught down there

I want this child to learn.

I've looked this wide world over

In search for teachers true,

And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes,

I have selected you.

Now will you give her all your love

Not think the labor vain,

Nor hate me when I come to call

And take her home again?"


I fancied that I heard them say,

"Dear Lord, Thy will be done.

For all the joy the child shall bring,

The risk of grief we'll run.

We'll shelter her with tenderness,

We'll love her while we may,

And for the happiness we've known,

Forever grateful stay.

But should the angels call for her

Much sooner than we planned,

We'll brave the bitter grief that comes,

And try to understand."


Author Unknown



In Memory - Joyce Biearman 7/19/2000 In memory of Maureen McVicker Ewing


Sharon Ward (7/12/00) - A friend 7/17/2000 Sharon was a big ole' raw boned gal with a gruff, straight forward way about her. She was kind but broached no silliness. She faced her kidney desease with strenght and courage and an intense interest in making a life around her illness. Sharon was in her 50's and still growing! I don't know what she did for a living, might have been a cab driver or an office worker, whatever it was, she did it with grace and fortitude. She sucumbed after a hospitalization with cellulitis. I always enjoyed our conversations.


Ann Campbel (8/16/11-7/00) - A Friend 7/17/2000 Ann was a remarkable lady with a past full of the services to others. She was a retired social worker who put herself through college working as a machinist in an oil refinery. She became a social worker with Children's Services in the Portlans,OR area. Ann had a brother with a mental disability and became interested in bettering the conditions for the meantally ill. She was instrumental in the founding and organization of the Alliance for Mental Illness. She was also an anti- nuclear activist.In her later years, she rented out part of her home to students. This was a vital woman who before kidney desease made inroads, quoted Shakespare, read voraciously and loved nothing better than a good conversation. I will miss her.


June 25,1943 --June 1,2000 - Ronald O. Jenkins 6/04/2000 Oh Ron,I will never forget when we first laid eyes on you. You came in with you red heart pillow,and were recovering from your heart surgery.

Your sense of humor and quick wit was astounding. You were fun to tease and you could dish it back. Never heard a complaint in all the time I knew you. Laurie was a God send,you both faced this together as a unit. The love and caring showed through to all of us who cared for you.

You truly were a good buddy and friend to all who knew you. Many a patient waited for your entrance into our unit.

You truly have left a spot in the hearts of all who had the pleasure of knowing you and your better half as you would say..Laurie.

Our prayers and wishes go to you and your families.

You truly taught us all a lesson on hope and caring.

Your caregivers and friends from Vancouver,Washington



a wonderful lady - Irene Brown 5/29/2000 Was always cheerful and truly worried about every patient and staff member she came across.

Miss you


Anna - A co-patient 5/17/2000 Anna, a patient at our unit died a couple of weeks ago from non-dialysis troubles.I just wanted to wish her family all of the best.Anna,


I hope you are enjoying Heaven, where you can drink and eat all you want and never feel poorly for it.*smiles for you*Chris


My Father....My Knight - Samuel G Hayden Jr 4/13/2000


ONE COURAGEOUS LADY - LAVONNE PIXLEY BELL 3/20/2000 Lavonne Bell is sorely missed by all of us who were amazed at her courage in spite of the personal consequences she was to endure.

Lavonne wrote one of the Nader letters and wrote to complain of patients care and treatment.

I will miss you and am thankful for your standing at the plate. You were my mentor and someone who will be missed. But now you are whole again and hopefully every patient when they are safe on those machines will admire the courage you mustered up to make that possible for all.

To a wonderful person, I know you are helping with your wisdom and class.





Memorial to Corkey Davis - 10-02-53 to 04-10-99 3/20/2000 In memory of Corkey Davis - Such a great guy and great father. You are missed by all your friends and colleagues.


10-30-35 to 01-21-00 - Memorial for Velma (Lorena) Draper 3/20/2000 Lorena was one of the most corageous clients I have ever know. She was a very sophisticated women and showed her talents in her paintings and sculptures. I not only miss her smile, but I miss her spunk. God Bless you Lorena and may you rest in peace.


In Memoriam: Ron Bull, In His Own Words - Frank 3/19/2000 Ron is no longer with us, but he was a great fighter, and is in our memory. Here is one of his emails, from the "old days." -- Frank


It pleases me to no end to see patients and families taking charge, asking for information, and demanding more control of their lives as they learn what is the "best fit" for dialysis, transplant, diet and all the other areas that effect our lives.


For too long patients have hung back. Many times out of genuine fear for their safety and fear of reprisals (insinuated or real on the professional's parts) from the centers in which they get care. Many times we don't get involved because we think the professionals know everything and that they aren't capable of input, and many times we are even strongly discouraged from involvement. Sadly, many of the "professionals" who

are awarded the privilege of providing sound health care to patients are not too professional. Greed and lust for profit has motivated many.


***But please hear this...MOST of our community provide "Quality" care and are to be lauded for exemplary practices and genuine concern about patient health and outcomes.***


But on the darker side, I would personally take pleasure in strangling a few of the more greedy



Memorial for Our Mother - Reverend W. C. Snell 2/27/2000 For as our sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ.

2 Corinthians

Mother you were a fighter and you fought the good fight of faith until the very last. As much as we had to accept your departure, your whole again and we will see you on the other side.

We Love you and miss you

Your Family


04-04-61--11-30-90 - Memorial for Karen Elaine Smith 2/18/2000 In loving Memory, a loving Sister,Aunt,Daughter and most of all our friend. Born on April 4,1961 and died in Boise,Idaho.You are still with us and your love of life and the galliant struggle with Renal Disease. Miss you.


05-30-29 - 08-31-99 - Memorial for Mary Virginia Biggers 2/07/2000 Mary Virginia Biggers was born in Clay Kentucky.Graduated from Mary Hardin Taylor and received 2 degrees.The beloved wife of Dr. Jay D Biggers of Mountain Brook,Alabama. Mother of 3 sons Mark,Eric and Keith Biggers. "I met her on a blind date-married for 46yrs before Renal Failure took you." I truly worship you and I know you truly loved me. I could write a book, but am dedicating this Memorial Page to you. I miss you terrible! But you no longer are suffering. Love Forever. Jay.