This email went out to Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, there is still still time for Buffett to change course before he hears the voice of Jacob Marley, I mean Charlie Munger!

To whom it may concern,
Today this writer is feeling a bit more forgiving than when this latest version of a 'A Christmas Carol' was written.  I know Mr. Munger has stated he liked to invest in "Wonderful companies at a Fair price".  So was Mr. Buffett in 'cigar butt' mode when it was decided to invest in the huge dialysis company DaVita?  (cigar butt, Mr. Munger came up with an apt name for such a company)  Did Buffett manage to slip this one past Mr. Munger?  It could be that only this investing duo could answer that question.
A warning shot was given this last May at the annual Omaha meeting when this 'Billionaire Information Packet' was left in the door handles of an admin office at the Omaha CHI Health Center.  It may be too late for Mr. Munger to bring about any change - that is besides playing the role of the ghost of Jacob Marley.  But there is still a chance for Mr. Buffett.  If this writer isn't getting through yet, I may have to emphasize the 'Child Mortality Stats' once again!
Many of us believe the way to start to bring true fundamental change to kidney dialysis is to break up DaVita!!!
Chris Schwab
P.S. There are more and more people becoming aware of this.  Quite a few flyers were handed out when much of this presentation was laid out at my church.   A good place to start would be this videoAnd are there any reasons left NOT to break up DaVita?
Let's help what is left of this investing dynamic duo find the 'Road to Redemption'!