Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!

Petition (and see our visit to DC and DC Press Conference + Rally)

This writer re-gifted himself an old toy he made new for the holiday season - an old X (formerly twitter) account and now renamed @BreakUpDaVita! There was hesitation at first to dive in after hearing about X's Wild West reputation - but then it was remembered this writer loves that sort of thing!  (who have I been kidding)  Slow inroads have been made with a few followers and I've met a lot of friendly people - especially young ladies who want to be my friend!  (darn animal magnetism gets this old grandpa in trouble every time)  Sorry ladies, I'm spoken for so I had to block you!  (and a lot of that behavior wasn't very ladylike)

However there was one follower who was quite interesting @elonmusk_1fan.  After dealing with the "friendly" ladies and years of following the antics of people like former CEO of DaVita Kent Thiry, I went into "safety first" mode!  I decided to block and ask questions later, even though the person behind the account started to Direct Message me.  Odds are it is a scam or a put-on, but long shots do come in now and then don't they?  So I went back to the @elonmusk_1fan to take another look - I'm now blocked (tit for tat, I admire that)  However I got to thinking about what I would say if it really was @elonmusk.  So let me go into dream mode here, I'll take my meds when I'm done:

"Mr. Musk, I first want to apologize for blocking you.  After years of being a kidney dialysis advocate and seeing things like this, I hope you understand how I might be a little jumpy.  But assuming it was you and not a scammer I thought about what I would say.  Actually I'm thinking about what Mr. Rogers would say. I've been thinking about him a lot lately and using the thought of him to calm my mind before I post on X and hoping he can help me calm the X waters there. 

First he would invite you to the neighborhood and congratulate you for fixing up jalopies and making them nice and shiny and new - and less smelly (sure, we knew you could).  Then he would inform you that there is a used car dealer in the neighborhood by the name of Warren Buffett.  He has been selling some reputable merchandise, but along with that are some lemons (cigar butts as Charlie Munger would call them).  Probably the biggest cigar butt would have to be a junker called DaVita.  There are rumors (that I started) that Mr. Buffett has been paid visits from his former partner - the chains rattling are keeping him awake at night!  Add to that the visions of hell he has been getting lately.  He is realizing he is going to be run out of town permanently here soon and is starting to get a little edgy and would love to unload that junker - maybe selling it to somebody who sees a 'Road to Redemption' going this way.  I'm sure he would love to sell it to somebody who can say "product quality" - he sure couldn't."

Petition (and see our visit to DC and DC Press Conference + Rally