Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!

(not just about kidney dialysis - those looking into pro-competition capitalism should also find this eyeopening)

Quick 1 minute start - get a near 50 year history of kidney dialysis at a glance!  Included is mortality, a quote from a doctor who received a Lifetime Achievement award, and an international comparison.  This was handed out at the 2023 Warren Buffett event in Omaha NE.

Billionaire Information Packet - includes an executive summary taken from the 1 minute start mentioned above, stories behind the numbers, and a fact sheet presented to the Colorado State Legislation.  This was left at the administrative offices of the Warren Buffett event previously mentioned.

(Warren Buffett's Berkshire owns 40% of DaVita, a huge part of a kidney dialysis duopoly, yet is only 1% of the Berkshire portfolio)
A starting article: Warren Buffett: America's Folksiest Predator by Matt Stoller August 9th, 2020

Save the Billionaires (or not) Blog


- 'Goliath' by Matt Stoller, May we raise the spirit of Texas Congressman Wright Patman

- 'Division of Light and Power' by Dennis Kucinich His fight as mayor for Muni Light was epic and read like a thriller.  (utilities and dialysis clinics both carve out a geographical area and can operate quite similarly)

- 'Monopolized' by David Dayen, sounds like dialysis isn't the only area seeing the effects of concentrated corporate power!  Came down hard on Warren Buffett.  (See above about Buffett under the Billionaire Information Packet section)

- ‘Car Guys vs. Bean Counters’ by Bob Lutz, former President of Chrysler Corp.. Featured in Blog #9 at DialysisEthics2.org

***Look for ‘How to Make a Killing: Blood, Death and Dollars in American Medicine’ by Tom Mueller, out since August 1st, 2023! (aka 'Dialysis 4-You!')