(not just about kidney dialysis - those looking into pro-competition capitalism should also find this eyeopening)

Quick 1 minute start - get a near 50 year history of kidney dialysis at a glance!  Included is mortality, a quote from a doctor who received a Lifetime Achievement award, and an international comparison.  This was handed out at the 2023 Warren Buffett event in Omaha NE.

Billionaire Information Packet - includes an executive summary taken from the 1 minute start mentioned above, stories behind the numbers, and a fact sheet presented to the Colorado State Legislation.  This was left at the administrative offices of the Warren Buffett event previously mentioned.

(Warren Buffett's Berkshire owns 40% of DaVita, a huge part of a kidney dialysis duopoly, yet is only 1% of the Berkshire portfolio)
A starting article: Warren Buffett: America's Folksiest Predator by Matt Stoller August 9th, 2020

Save the Billionaires (or not) Blog


- 'Goliath' by Matt Stoller, May we raise the spirit of Texas Congressman Wright Patman

- 'Division of Light and Power' by Dennis Kucinich His fight as mayor for Muni Light was epic and
read like a thriller.  (utilities and dialysis clinics both carve out a geographical area and can operate quite similarly)

- 'Monopolized' by David Dayen, Started reading it, sounds like dialysis isn't the only area seeing the
effects of concentrated corporate power!

- ‘Car Guys vs. Bean Counters’ by Bob Lutz, former President of Chrysler Corp.. Featured in Blog #9 at DialysisEthics2.org

***Look for ‘How to Make a Killing: Blood, Death and Dollars in American Medicine’ by Tom Mueller coming out August 1st, 2023! (aka 'Dialysis 4-You!')