After reading the following a great first step would be to write your Federal Representatives backing up our February 29th, 2024 "Rally To Congress"!  One good question to ask would be: "Are there any reasons left NOT to breakup the huge dialysis companies???"  We aren't seeing any!

(when last checked, Warren Buffett owned 40% of DaVita the huge kidney dialysis company through Berkshire Hathaway Inc..  DaVita was about 1% of the Berkshire portfolio.  Apparently "product quality" isn't a concern)

Organization and Personal Introduction

Dialysis History and Information
Everything from a quick 1 minute overview, to articles and books

How to Help!!! (click on link to see NINE+ ways to help)
As has been said, the majority of kidney dialysis patients haven't been in a position to help themselves for decades!!!  Poor health and intimidation have been factors, click link above and find out how YOU can make a difference!!!  This isn't just about kidney dialysis!  It is just one of the worst examples of monopoly power affecting us and our loved ones.  It is time to fight back!!!  And not just those affected by dialysis!  Everyone!!!

!!!P.S. The following History and recent Children's stats linked to, need to be emphasized!!! Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!

Reading ListEverything from a 1 minute intro to dialysis to books with a broader view of the ill effects of monopoly power. Of special note is NYT's best-author Tom Mueller's book 'How To Make a Killing' about kidney dialysis.