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The following (below the dashed line) is what has been written to a federal Congressman.  There is hope this example inspires others to write their federal reps and senators. (link for federal contact info)  It could be as simple as asking those in congress to ask Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger the following (they own 40% of DaVita):

"There are a lot of reasons DaVita (the huge kidney dialysis company) should be broken up (the numbers, scandals), are there any reasons left indicating DaVita SHOULDN'T be broken up into something like small care co-ops?"   (text example that can be copied and pasted into a contact webpage)

(above question also in bold and underlined at the bottom of the blog)  (this and 9+ other ways to participate)

!!!P.S. The following History and recent Children's stats linked to, need to be emphasized!!! Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!


Rep. (Jason) Crow,

I've been writing you about my thoughts about DaVita (headquartered in Denver) and kidney dialysis.  I've spent over twenty years seeing all kinds of reasons why the huge dialysis companies should be busted into little pieces.  Lately though before the little scouting mission I did in Omaha on May 6th. I - and I hope others - started writing Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Berkshire, and CNBC asking why DaVita shouldn't be busted up!  I haven't heard anything back, I'm sure they have just been busy.  But I'm sure the "Billionaire Information Packet" I left in front of the administrative offices of the Berkshire Omaha event is being studied as I write!  (I crack me up)

However I have to wonder if the above people might be able to find time for somebody with a little more clout than I have - who better than my federal representatives?  I'm sure there must be some good explanation as to why the dialysis mortality rate has plateaued at such a high level for so many years - among other questions.  (I've got my guesses)

Speaking of other questions, I can point to questions I've been trying to get answered for years from Kent Thiry, former CEO of DaVita.  I'm sure he too has just been busy!  Who knows?  Maybe he could find time for you!

With Tom Mueller's book 'How to Make a Killing: Blood, Death and Dollars in American Medicine' coming out in August, I wouldn't be surprised to find out Congress has even more reasons to do some inquiring!  This looks like an issue that could be bipartisan and could bring together fiscal conservative Republicans and Democrats who care about responsible health care.  It could be a break from the partisan wars!

But my first question for Berkshire and DaVita would be: "There are a lot of reasons DaVita should be broken up (the numbers, scandals), are there any reasons left indicating DaVita SHOULDN'T be broken up into something like small care co-ops?".  It sounds like a question a federal representative could be asking now!



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