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While the Berkshire fellows were building their castle of sunshine and lollipops, this is a song that was screaming in my brain while I was looking at their castle foundation - and my daughter was in a dialysis clinic: Head Like a Hole

quote: "God money, let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised!"
(Party on Thiry)

Also when I was outside a courtroom for the trial of former CEO Kent Thiry after throwing questions at him figuratively and literally he said something to the effect he "was sorry about the way I felt".  My reply was "I bet you do".  For those capable of emotions besides self-pity (unlike him), the above song is a little of how I was feeling back in the day. 

Anyway while I was sitting in the courtroom listening to the lawyers going back and forth, I did hear Thiry's concern that a jury would be biased against him because he was rich!  So I guess the little rich boy who never had to grow up is capable of one emotion, self-pity.

I'll say it was quite a display at that courtroom!  His big, bad, brave lawyers stopped me from throwing papers at him, saving their poor poor client from a paper cut!

No, you can't take herNo, you can't take herNo, you can't take her away from me

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