!!!P.S. The following History and recent Children's stats linked to, need to be emphasized!!! Update: And it gets worse:  KIDS!!!!


-10:00 -10:30 Music by 'Now and Forever'
-10:30 - ? speaking
-after speaking, Morning Walk to CHI Health Center
-4:30pm - 5pm Gathering again in front of the CHI Health Center (update 5/5: Gathering will be under the skywalk)
-6:00pm - 6:30pm thought prayer circles 

updated 04/24

For the latest updates visit HQ-Save-the-Billionaires-Walk-updates.  It will will have details like the date of the Walk (May 6th), starting time and location, ending location, etc...    

At the starting location after music by 'Now or Forever' and some speaking the walk will begin.  A limited amount of flyers will be available but a printable flyer is available and it would be helpful if you brought your own.  If a person chooses, they could take a ziggy-zaggy path to the CHI Health Center, placing flyers on cars and handing them out.  This sort of thing was done years ago before a DialysisEthics rally in Denver at a park and church.  Flyers were put on autos outside of dialysis clinics, no one was arrested.  And technically it was trespassing.  I hope the lack of arrests doesn't disappoint anyone.

4/24 update: Once the CHI Health center is reached, a new option has been added.  A person can print out the new 'Billionaires Information Packet' beforehand and try to give it to a person as far up the Berkshire chain-of-command as you can go!  (or just use a flyer)  If you can't get past the gate just hand it to the person holding you back, it is suggested not to cause a ruckus, it maybe more important to attend the 4:30pm to 5pm gathering below than cause a fuss.  I'm sure the packet will land on Mr. Buffett's or Mr. Munger's desk in no time! (sure)  But at least somebody might read it!

Otherwise a person can choose to enter without a packet - they should own at least one share of Berkshire.  Or they can ask about a guest pass? Otherwise go roam about the town!

4/24 update: At 4:30pm to 5pm a gathering will be formed in front of the main entrance of the CHI Health center.  People can bring flyers and signs.  The crowd should start coming out of the center.  People can choose to stay in the group with their signs or branch out with flyers and give them to the crowd - whatever a person is most comfortable with!

At 6pm to 6:30pm thought/prayer circles will be formed of a dozen or so people in front of the CHI Health Center.  Someone will be around with flags and someone from the circle can volunteer to lead the group, holding a flag.  The person who chooses to lead the group can stand in the center and call for a moment of silence, remembering all the dialysis patients, friends, and relatives who have passed on.  After the moment of silence, people can volunteer to tell why they are there, stories, maybe even a joke a loved one liked - or a funny story!  Over the more than twenty years of some of us advocating for dialysis patients we have found some times to laugh!

But if a person doesn't like doing the above - just take a walk, event starts at 10am.

This is the basic framework of the Walk and is subject to change and updates.  Check back at the HQ-Save-the-Billionaires-Walk-updates webpage for any changes or updates.  All we really want to do is help a couple of billionaires find the road to redemption by busting up the dialysis company DaVita.